Takemusu Aikido

About us

Takemusu Aikido Frimley first opened its doors in June 2009. The club grown with the support of it Students and their families’ and although some students have moved on we are glad to have had the opportunity to have taught them. Those that have continued are moving onward and upward to greater heights.

We are very proud of our student and all that they have achieved.

Consistency in training techniques and grading levels is very important to us, it is essential in maintaining the respect at all grades and ensure that teaching standards and training standards are consistent. To enable us to achieve this we work to a Syllabus that was developed by O Sensei.

The techniques that we teach can be extremely dangerous when performed by untrained or unskilled persons, it is therefore imperative that these techniques are only practiced in the dojo under the supervision of a qualified instructor, and only used as self-defense when no other alternative is available to you.